Young Mom Must Keep It Together As Husband Wants To Leave

 Go Or Stay


I was browsing and I came across a article called Young Mom Must Keep Her Wits As Husband Considers Leaving. A young mom wrote a woman nick-named Abby about her marriage. Her and her husband have one child already and one on the way. She was seeking advice to save her marriage. Her husband was not in love with her anymore and he didn’t have a reason why. She also wanted to seek counseling but he didn’t. She is doing everything to make it work but he has no interest in her anymore.

I read some of the comments and I have the same opinion as everyone else. He has taken interest in someone else and he doesn’t want to tell her. I can say that because I was in that same situation when I was married to my son’s father. After our son was born, he started fooling around with other women. We started fighting more and eventually I begin to put two and two together and when it came out, it came all the way out.

When you are dating, you try to ask the right questions and avoid the bad apples at all costs. You find that person that earns his love for you and they earn your trust so you believe them. Only to find out after you marry him and pop out a baby, he doesn’t feel the same about you anymore. I am not saying all men are like that because that’s not true. They still have couples that stay married forever and the husband is more than wonderful to his wife. For the other percentage of men that are idiots, I feel that they are not “marriage material”. They have some men that are made just for a “good time” if you know what I mean. Now, they don’t know that they are not marriage material so it is up to you when to send him on his way. Marrying a man that is not marriage material has consequences and I realized that the hard way.

Go take a look at this article and tell me what you think below.

Young Mom Must Keep Her Wits As Husband Considers Leaving

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My steps walked after a workout at the gym.

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