Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club Shines Light!

Single Moms Club


I got a chance to watch Tyler Perry’s Single Moms Club and I loved every bit of it. What I loved so much about this movie is that Tyler Perry got as close as he could get to give you a glimpse of what a single moms goes through just trying to make it from day to day. Being a single parent isn’t easy ESPECIALLY if you barely making ends meet. Continue reading

Woman Learns Home Was Scene Of Murder, Torture

Ghost Pic


I was on Facebook today and seen one of my friends shared a link to a story where a woman from St. Louis, Missouri learned that her home used to belong to a serial killer. The woman called her landlord to get out of the lease and the landlord told her that she had to stay until the lease was up. It just so happens that her landlord is actually the serial killer’s mother.

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I Passed My Real Estate Exam!

Real Estate Exam

Yes! It has been two long years but I finally passed the exam. I’m guessing you are wondering why it took me two years, huh? It took me two years because when I first pursued my real estate license, I didn’t have the right guidance that I should of had. The school I went to wanted more and more money just to answer simple questions I had. Also, the mentor I picked was too busy to take the time I needed to help me succeed. After failing the exam 3 times, I figured that I just was not cut out to be a realtor. When I tried to pursue a real estate career when I was married, my husband at the time told me that I couldn’t sell anything. So after failing the exam as many times as I did, I started to believe that even though he was wrong.

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